What is RDSlt WMS?

  • RDSlt WMS manages all warehouse activities e.g. Receiving, put-away, storage, inventory, order picking, staging and despatch processes
  • RDSlt is a complete WMS solution hosted in the cloud or on an onsite server
  • Integration with your existing systems can be as simple as exchanging CSV files
  • Processes based on industry proven practical methodologies
  • RDSlt uses barcode technology or RFID to track stock from the receiving dock through to despatch
  • RDSlt provides the actual status of your warehouse and customer orders via the powerful dashboard tool
  • RDSlt uses standard RF comms or 3G / 4G devices on your site to capture every move

What RDSlt WMS will do for your business

  • Practical processes for warehouse tasks
  • Provide visibility of all stock and product movements
  • Facilitate efficient picking of customer orders
  • Improve your warehouse utilisation
  • Improve your customers experience in dealing with your business
  • Summarise key management information
  • Reduce the operating costs of your warehouse


About the Company

Dexion Systems Services provides solutions for warehousing processes and inventory management in a simple and economical way, to support our customers who are growing their business to the next level.

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