DC-eX combines the options and functionality mix of both, or either Warehouse Management System (WMS) tasks and Warehouse Control System (WCS) tasks.

The DC-eX platform is based on best practice WMS functionality, that has been proven in many operations over a number of years.

The WCS modules are many and varied and include the following methodologies:

  • Picking technologies including Pick to Light, Put to Light, RF and Voice
  • Automated equipment
  • Routing and sorting technologies and processes
  • AS/RS integration
  • Goods to person solutions
  • AMR and AGV integration

The DC-eX platform is scalable and can be implemented as a standard WMS, with the ability to bolt on additional WMS and/or WCS modules, as the business grows. This enables full system integration of any technology, on the single DC-eX platform.

DC-eX operates and provides information in a real-time environment, with a comprehensive array of dashboards, enquiry tools and reports.

DC-eX can integrate with any Host system / ERP, using either standard API’s or a customised interface to minimise efforts on the existing Host. In addition, seamless sub-system automation components are fully integrated via the DC-eX automation modules.

Having the WES solution on a single platform, ensures all warehouse processes are optimised to deliver operational and process improvement, to drive bottom line cost savings.


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